Notes on migrating Odoo from 11 to 12

These are mostly notes to myself, as it’s a somewhat involved process, and the documentation is not very useful. I had to puzzle-piece it together from dozens of form posts and questions, so I hope that this overview will be helpful to others.

Overall process

Odoo does not have an automatic database update when changing between major versions (however, it seems when updating within the same version, the database is adapted and won’t work with older versions).

To update major versions, two parts have to be updated:

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DIY wire bending machine

In a quick one day build, I made a 3D printed wire bending machine. I need a bunch of copper wire bridges with a specific shape, and this machine really makes fast work of it! And it can bend other shapes too…

The STEP and STL files are here:

Memory usage on microcontroller programs

This is only a short post, mostly to remind myself. When writing code for microcontrollers, memory usage is often a concern – both for flash and for RAM. Currently I am using an AVR32 processor with 512kb flash and 64kb RAM, which is plenty for a lot of applications, but in some cases particularly the RAM can become thin. Fortunately there are multiple ways to monitor memory usage, and figure out where the memory is used:

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ER collet tray

Quick one-day build: I had too many ER collets rolling around in the drawer, time for a little bit of cleaning up. I designed a simple collet tray in ViaCAD and printed it on the delta printer:

CAD files :

Welcome to Code Make Share


This is Code Make Share, a site dedicated to software and hardware projects, tool making (both SW and HW), thoughts on methodologies, and how to improve the creation processes. The purpose of this site is to collect and document my various projects as they progress. I also aim to back-fill past projects, and document the long-winded recursion I went through to build the tools to make more tools, to make even more tools, to eventually build something…