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    1. Hi,
      the 3D files are available for download above, in the article. I don’t have a full BOM – the steppers are NEMA17 (used in many 3D printers), and the control board is a RAMPS board with an Arduino Mega (also used in many 3D printers). I’m running GRBL-mega on it, with hand-written GCode.

    1. I think it shouldn’t be too difficult – I’d probably start with a wire cutter like the ones I used, and mount a servo or pneumatic piston to operate it. Not a priority for me right now though – it’s fast enough to make a lot of wires while hand-cutting.

  1. Nice! Any plans for 3d shapes? I need hundreds of hooks that are still continuous acrosd a third dimension.

    1. Thanks! No, no plans for a 3D version right now. I actually built this machine because I need those specific wire bridges, so it was made for a specific, not a general purpose. Not sure if this simple concept would translate to 3D – I guess it would involve a larger unit that can rotate the bending actuator around the wire axis.

  2. I am completey new to this, I want to know if there is a software for generating the shapes. Also I would like to get the Arduino code that you generated.

    1. The parts are printed in UV resin on an Anycubic Photon S printer. It’s probably possible to print most of it in PLA, but the wire bending gate is very small, I doubt it would work on an FDM printer. But you could probably make some holes and put in bits of steel wire instead.

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